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  • News about C-CEX

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    News about C-CEX

    Dear Community,

    since a few days ago, we stay in contact with the crypto exchange C-CEX. This exchange list our XIN bevor a half year for some days. At the moment there are 165 XIN Wallets from our community. If you also have a wallet with XIN there an no access, please follow this steps:

    1. Login-in to you C-CEX Account.

    2. Open a support-ticket

    3. Write there, that you need the passphrase for XIN-Wallet at C-CEX. The support will send the coins...
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  • Moderator Newsletter II - September 2017 - german/english -

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    Moderator Newsletter II - September 2017 - german/english -

    Liebe Community - Mitglieder, dear community - member,

    wie im Moderatoren Newsletter I bereits angekündigt, sind die Anfragen pünktlich am 28.08.2017 wie geplant raus geschickt worden.
    as announced in the Moderator's Newsletter I, the requests have been sent out on 08/28/2017 as planned.

    Jetzt liegt es in den Händen der Exchangen ob und wann sie uns listen.
    Now it depends on the exchanges if they will list us and when.

    Hierzu habe ich Euch
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