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Where are the greatest ideas in science today?

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  • Where are the greatest ideas in science today?

    Anciently, science was the word financially.

    Egypt, buildings, angles, geometry, and gold. Gold was the go for the S and P of that time. The S and P was the buildings and the gold associated to those buildings, clear evidence of worth.

    Today, is science swamped by bankers, every new idea, by speculation, new silicon valley tech, and fiat?

    Is science a gritty hard endeavour that allows those their time of achievement?

    What are the risks of overt optimism in ideas?

    The crash of the 90's. Easy to forget.

    So, the 2008 GFC: that was America....that was banks and housing, that was banks out leveraging themselves.

    Building a house is ok, yet a "gadget" house is what we've now become. Who wants a "hut", right?

    Isn't that the case right now, America has out leveraged itself as a global bank, decades long run, major tech interest, and now it is calling in its debts, like the banks were back then, out-leveraged, houses back then, tech and emerging markets are today?

    Yet the world can't afford to pay the way America wants it to pay....who would buy the US with the USD so high?

    Sure, the banks were wrong back then, yet is not the situation America is in "globally" very suspicious of an unhinged America?

    China is becoming great because they're not imposing tariffs and their currency is so low, and they keep the spin to a minimum.

    Did America take its eye off the ball....."Apple" became "Apple" because it wasn't possible to make iPhones in the US, they needed China to manufacture the design so very very cheaply.....that's a small example.

    Economic forecasters say the US economy is "humming", so why the tariffs?

    Its like they have a humming car driving towards a global cliff, right?

    So, where's science? Is it hedging the world economy?

    Where are the greatest ideas in science today?

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    Is the tariff push political? Where's the science? If they had science, why do that?