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  • IE Website?

    Hello to everyone. There is no information about our website yet. The website is very important for us to introduce our blockchain. Do you have any information about our website and whitepaper?

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    A website and the Whitepaper are planned. There is no date for this.

    I moved your topic in the english forum. Pleas use next time the right forum for your language. Thanks


    • betfight
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      I realized I opened it wrong place, i am sorry about this So our website will be a reference for stock exchanges and people. i think so this is an important issue and I think we should do it as soon as possible. Do you agree with my thought?

      Thank you for your answer mike

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    Yes. We need the Homepage ASAP. Or a really profound Whitepaper!!


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      I found a XIN listed on Is this our XIN??


      • mike
        mike commented
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        No, it is not our XIN. An exchange must have an API connection to list our XIN. The full API ist coming soon, and after this a exchange can list us.

      • men
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        mike ;
        Will the exchange entry process start when the BACKEND API is online? We will wait for other things too
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      So, what will be the acronym for our currency since there is a XIN already existing? Is it going to be IE?


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        No, we have nothing to do with it.

        The Exchange determines which shortcuts we get. The Exchange does not have to call us XIN later. They can give us a different name. Internally we still use the name XIN.


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          • update2go
            update2go commented
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            We are DAO and everyone can use for own business Infinity Economics

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          Hello Update2Go and Mike, we will now list on a regular basis, please give a positive super explanation, as long as you are very long, even the cheapest coins enter the list from $ 2.55 and continue. Please, but would you please give us an explanation? Also did the meaning of 14 different module software and applications for 14 different exchanges been made? Thank you very much if you give us information.


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            I answered on your Private Message. Not we can list us byself, the exchang can list us when they want.

            My personal opinion:
            Our XIN will certainly not start with 2 dollars ... I think we should be realistic and this will be first in the cent area. Of course, everything else would be happy, but I do not expect it for the start. I'm not here to make the quick money.


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              actually, the starting price of XIN is irrelevant.
              The ultimate price is determined by its perceived usefulness - if it starts too high, the price will drop,
              if it starts too low the price will rise.

              It is certainly not in our interest for the price to start hight. This only brings in the speculators - and then we have "pump and dump"
              The best is a slow steady rise.
              I agree with mike, start will probably be between 1 - 3 $cent (maybe even lower)


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                • Wolle
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                i need help about the last post from Matrix! i think it is a reason to been baned without any word


                • rhapheth
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                  Frend you dont need any help about matrix's post. In this forum Administrators can ban anybody for any reason so there is no problem. I am sure he/she will banned soon.
                  PS: i am not supporting that language either

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                  Vacation granted.

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