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  • Assets Warning !!!!

    It is the first and last warning for members of the committee. This week we will raise the price of infinite stocks.
    We think that these shares should remain in committee members and should not be taken over by others at low prices.
    As prices drop, groups that see us as dangerous can capture the shares at low cost, and they can dominate the infinity economics

    project income. Since 90,000,000 pieces are produced, the price has to be raised immediately.
    Our first goal is to raise the price and keep it at a value between 300 and 400. Never forget The existence of the infinite

    economy depends on these feelings. The low prices of the shares increase the risk of being seized by other forces. if the

    assets are captured by various forces, the philosophy of the formation of infinite economics has no meaning. you can support us

    by removing your sales.

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    Hallo, habe Assets zum Verkauf angeboten, sind noch nicht verkauft, und ich möchte sie zurückholen und nicht mehr verkaufen. Ist das möglich? Wie? Danke


    • davidfolling
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      Assets - My open orders

    • XIN
      XIN commented
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      Gehe auf "Assets", dann auf "My open orders". Dort siehst auf der rechten Seite "Open sell orders". Darunter ganz rechts "Actions" und dort ist ein "x" Das x steht für delete/löschen. Drauf klicken und dann wird die Order gelöscht. Die Seite neu laden/refresh und in "My open orders" sollte die gelöschte Order nicht mehr zu sehen sein und in der Rubrik "Transactions" die Löschungsfee von 1 XIN zu sehen sein.

    • ersinozkan3416
      ersinozkan3416 commented
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      In the crypto stock exchanges, prices are in the direction of supply demand. While the price of any coin is in diplomas, people are on the tendency to sell, it is natural. But, those who know what the coin is going to start buying at this stage and naturally earn more.
      When investing in Xin, many investors have turned to Xin for selling their own Xin, selling assets once they have sold it.
      So Asset values ​​lost about 2/3. Su anda, Assets are surging.
      The positive developments that we have experienced in the days we go on will continue in those days. Once BitBay will come to Bitindia in April.
      This time, the opposite will be the case and the long-term investors will start to buy Xin and most of them will turn the Xin into Asset.
      As long as Xin gains value, the demand for Assets will increase.

      These developments show that the value of Asset is going to be very high.
      This means that we will "fold at least 3" to the name of the Xin in your hand.

      At a longer pace, Asset will be much more valuable as WGC deposits start to build on Xin, Infinity Economics become active, and Infinity Bonds enter the stock market.

      Last word; "If you are not thinking of selling at Kisa Bela, I would recommend you to translate your Xin's into Asset if you want to fold at least 3 of the Xin's in your hand.

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    XIN-Q5BY-ADPV-4DN3-5NULK : 534.90 infinitydao assets...Ich folge dir


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      We reached 35. Remove sales and let me continue our journey.

      Wir haben 35 erreicht. Entfernen Sie Verkäufe und lassen Sie mich unsere ReWir haben 35 erreicht. Entfernen Sie Verkäufe und lassen Sie mich unsere Reise fortsetzen.

      35'e ulaştık. Satışları kaldır ve yolculuğumuza devam etmeme izin ver.


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        Click image for larger version

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        30........31..............32...............33..... ..........34.............35,13..................


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          I would like to thank the Committee members for their special support. sales continue to be canceled and we continue to rise.

          Komite üyelerine özel destekleri için teşekkür etmek isterim. satışlar iptal edilmeye devam ediyor ve yükselmeye devam ediyoruz.

          Ich möchte den Ausschussmitgliedern für ihre besondere Unterstützung danken. Der Verkauf wird weiterhin eingestellt und wir steigen weiter.


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            Bitte kontaktieren Sie alle Ausschussmitglieder für Stornierungen. Lassen Sie uns noch einmal die Macht des Ausschusses beweisen. Das ist das Beste für uns alle.

            Please contact all committee members for cancellations. Let us once again prove the power of the committee. That's the best for us all.

            Lütfen emir iptalleri için tüm komite üyelerine ulaşın. Bir kez daha komitenin gücünü kanıtlayalım. Bu hepimiz için en iyisi.


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              sattığınıza pişman olacaksınız.
              you will regret that you sold it.
              Sie werden es bereuen, dass Sie es verkauft haben.


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                Click image for larger version

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                  Bitte entfernen Sie Ihre Verkäufe. Nur so können wir unseren Wert erhöhen.
                  Lütfen satışlarınızı kaldırın. Sadece bu şekilde değerimiz artabilir.
                  Please remove your sales. Only in this way can we increase our value.


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                    Entfernen Sie die Verkäufe und verkaufen Sie nie !! Schreiben Sie, dass Sie uns unterstützen. Lassen Sie uns noch einmal unsere Macht zeigen. überlassen Sie Ihre persönlichen Interessen für eine Weile.

                    satışları kaldırın ve asla satmayın !!!! bize destek olanlar yazsın. gücümüzü bir kere daha gösterelim. kişisel çıkarlarınızı bir süre kenara bırakın.

                    Remove the sales and never sell !! Write that you support us. Let's show our power once more. leave your personal interests for a while.


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                      Wir müssen zusammen sein. Bitte entfernen Sie Ihre Verkäufe und warten Sie. Ich habe deinen Einfluss bewiesen.
                      Beraber olmamız gerekiyor. lütfen satışlarınızı kaldırın ve bekleyin. Etkisini kanıtladım.
                      We have to be together. please remove your sales and wait. I proved your influence.


                      • TDK
                        TDK commented
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                        This is the English forum?

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                      davidfolling - stop your panic posts
                      you understand nothing about Infinity assets - they are NOT voting shares


                      • davidfolling
                        davidfolling commented
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                        you make me laugh. you and yours just work for yourself. my goal is to be able to unite. this mess is ending.

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                      you should continue to sell. because only you are individual. SwissAndrew are u ? a high probability. Your thoughts are the same !!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Even if I stay alone, I'll make it all come alive. this thought has to change.