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*** Happy New Year 2018 ***

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  • *** Happy New Year 2018 ***

    Dear community member,

    a​​ busy year with many exciting hours comes to an end and the new 2018, is already in front of the door with many new challenges in the luggage. Let us say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new.

    For the engagement of all community members, we would like to thank you and myself personally and look forward to meeting you in 2018 with new challenges.

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    dear bernie we want to hear many new things about our community in 2018

    ı think

    2017 is not a good year
    if we a real community we want to know every news in the same time please


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      Hello there.

      I'll begin by stating, that i do still believe in this project.
      When that is said, it is difficult to stay optimistic.

      Everyone here speeks of the community with pride, and the strong believe that it will take off.
      But i see no proof, ever.

      I myself hope that XIN will go vary far! I have a lot invested in it.

      Can anyone please explain to me, what is going on with XIN, when and where it is going to market?
      (Please don't get offended. This is a civil request)

      Thank you in advance.


      • moeblist
        moeblist commented
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        In my view there is a real abyss, no real relation, beetween the people who created this project, and the comunity which is meeting and discussing here. Fact is that 2017 after the launch of the blockchain nothing happened which would bring the project to market into businessreality. If in this Forum here insiders would participate, they shurely would have given us some beleavable reasonable information of the reason why nothing happened. The fact why this did not was the case all the year long makes me really unhappy and belaving more and more that we are victims of some clever scammers. I am not a blockchainexpert, but meanwhile i am really wondering how it was possible for a complete year that all the impressive "functions" of IEP are still 90% in the "potential mode". Imagine, the so called "foundation", a "team of the early insider bitcoin-and blockchain-developpers" have launched the "Bitcoin 4.0" sucessfully, received hundreds of millions of dollars, and amost zero really progressed happened during 12 months.... its so sorry....

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      Most creators of the IE and those who invested are German. The German people in the world are known for their discipline in their lives and work. I heard that they do not delay their work at all. That's why I have a special respect for them. That's one of the reasons that I've invested in this project. But unfortunately there is no discipline here. They just can say "be patient" or "wait" !!!
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      • moeblist
        moeblist commented
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        mycryptoworld, ...and if there are german scammers.... they often do this job also perfectly (see the exit-scam-post below). Though there are some typical signs for it, lets hope this is not the case here. Actually, in my point of view, still everything is possible and we have no alternative but to wait and see.

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      IE has all the actions of the exit SCAM, a long drawn out exhausting exit scam.

      Dies hat alle Aktionen des Ausgangs-SCAM, ein langgezogener, erschöpfender Ausgangs-Betrug.


      • Tom
        Tom commented
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        Your comments are simply unqualified.
        The only thing I think you're trying to do in my opinion is to harm a community here.

        You have your coins and shares sell with profit,
        You make your own ICO,

        So now just have the eggs to say good buy that was it.

      • Mr. Limitless
        Mr. Limitless commented
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        Tom he has stated that he has sold everything actually.

        So yeah probably just still here to try to crymble thos who have a little disbelief.

        I know that the project hasent gone as planed at all, I have also been very unsatisfied, but Im still here markethive

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      Has anyone ever looked at the connection between the LEOcoin and the XIN? That was the same fuss, with "DAO" and eternal Hingezuppel to insignificance. Even the texts and "address" of the exchanges are the same:

      Hat sich von euch schon mal jemand die Verbindung zwischen dem LEOcoin und dem XIN angeschaut? Das war ja das gleiche Gedöns, mit "DAO" und ewigem Hingezuppel bis in die Bedeutungslosigkeit. Selbst die Texte und "Adresse" der Exchanges sind die gleichen:

      https: //


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        You are a real drama queen, aren't you?
        Go ahead to your real life und leave Infinity-Economics.


        • markethive
          markethive commented
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          Happy New Year XIN. I love you even though you are a cheerleader and lap dog.

        • XIN
          XIN commented
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          What a recognition. I love dogs. They give you unconditional love. You need love?

        • markethive
          markethive commented
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          I have a great wife, loving children a wonderful dog and 3 CATS! Lots of love here too.

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        Markethive, please don't bring your personal problems with some persons in the same pot with Infinity Economics. If you have no nerves to waiting, so please leave this forum for a while. I will not attack you, but your posts are not productive.

        I speak last time to you and hope you can understand me please.



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          ....hallo Wolle,
          danke für das macht Wort super!!!....wir dürfen solche Menschen nicht die Macht geben IE zu beeinflussen in der Weiterentwicklung....die uns zum Erfolg bringt.


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            You know if you can actually get on a legitimate exchange, I would buy some XIN. But I will never do business with Infinitycoin.Exchange. I have already lost over 2 coins there. It is a totally shabby amateur operation. You people need to grow up and act like professional business people, go to the Bitcointalk forum, actually have some developers interact.....yadayadayada.... you are all tired of hearing it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


            • moeblist
              moeblist commented
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              @ markethive, i like diversity and i like you being here also. Please reduce the negativ smell of your posts a little bit to be able to stay on board. Anyway it would be a good exercise in mental disciplin. Till today nothing about XIN's truth and future destiny is finally decided, either positiv or negativ.

            • markethive
              markethive commented
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              Noted, I know I can be annoying especially those who still live in the bubble. But it is comic relief for me in many ways mixed with honesty and truth. But I really don't call anyone names.

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            It dosen't really make sense...
            There is countless new cryptocurrencys being listed on the small, as well as the bit tradesites, almost every day.
            Vary few of them has been in the making as long as XIN.

            I'm not saying this to troll!
            i'm saying this because i am one, out of many that would really like to profit on this project.
            So far, the only pepole profitting on this is the guys that made XIN and the exchange.
            (Of course some has traded this with an upside, but im talking about real money)

            If this actually isn't a scam, i believe that it is in the infinity economics foundations best interest to communicate to the community now.
            Before too many of us sell out, because there is better money to be made everywhere els..


            • MAF2015
              MAF2015 commented
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              plase donot writte the same text in different threads. thanks :-)