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    Where is my wallet?
    Unlike Bitcoin or other altcoins, there is no local wallet with XIN. More specifically, the Infinity platform uses a brain wallet, which is to say
    that wallets are decentralized and kept on the network. When you create an account on Infinity, your secret passphrase is used to create your
    account number. Once your account number is generated, you can unlock it and access it by using your passphrase on any running Infinity node.

    I just created an account but I don't see it in the blockchain explorer.
    As soon as you unlock an account with a secret passphrase, the account is created if it does not already exist. However, until you send or receive a
    transaction to your account, it will not appear in the blockchain (or the blockchain explorer). This is because the blockchain is a record of
    transactions, and not accounts. Send some XIN to your account, and then check the blockchain again. As soon as the transaction is confirmed
    (which could take less than a minute), your account will begin to appear.

    Is it possible for more than one password to open the same account?
    There are 1e77 account numbers available but there are a much larger number of possible passwords, so an obvious question is whether or not it's
    possible for more than one password to open the same account. The answer is no, once you have issued one transaction from your account. Here's why:
    until a transaction is sent from your account, it is not secured by a public key. Once the first transaction is issued, a 256-bit public key for
    your account is generated. Once this is done, your account number is secured. In the very rare case that someone enters a passphrase that would
    generate the same 64-bit account number as an existing account, the software will forbid the passphrase and ask you to choose another one.

    Can I access my wallet from another computer?
    Yes! There is no wallet file in Infinity because all of the accounts are stored on the network. This is referred to as a "brain wallet". This means your
    account can be accessed from anywhere... but it also emphasizes the importance of using a strong passphrase, since the passphrase is the only thing
    that protects your token from being accessed by others. However, this authorization mechanism might be strengthened later. For security reasons, it
    is recommended that you only access Infinity software when it is for running and signing transactions locally. This helps eliminate the possibility of
    someone intercepting and recovering your account password.

    My passphrase doesn't go to the account it should!
    Every passphrase is linked to a different account, so if when unlocking your account you find a different account number than expected, it’s because the
    password you just entered does not match the password you entered to originally create your account. Assuming you properly saved your original password
    (because you did, right?) sometimes this happens when a blank space or several are accidentally included in the beginning or the end of the password as
    you paste it into the client login field. Make sure that no spaces or other characters are accidentally included in the password you're entering!

    Since all Infinity accounts are stored on the network, isn't it possible for someone to guess my "secret phrase" and get easy access to my coins?
    This question emphasizes the importance of using a strong, secure password to create your Infinity account. If you enter a passphrase less than 30 characters
    long in the Infinity wallet, you will be warned that you are creating a security risk. A truly random string of 50 to 60 characters is a far better choice
    for a passphrase, and will significantly reduce the risk of someone "brute-forcing" your account or stumbling across it or happening to use exactly the same
    passphrase. The best is to use the wallet build in passphrase generator which creates a random 15 words passphrase. Infinity supports 10^77 different
    account numbers (that's 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 accounts),
    so the range of possible pass phrases is significant.

    I've just realized I should have chosen a better password/passphrase. Can I change my password?
    You cannot change your account passphrase in Infinity, because it is actually used to generate your account number. More accurately, for those of you who
    know a bit about public-key cryptography: your private key is derived from your passphrase, and your account number is derived from your public key.
    If you would like to use a different passphrase, just create a new account using whatever passphrase you'd like. Once you've done that, use your
    wallet to send your token to yourself – from your old account number to your new one. The transaction is only 1 XIN, so it won't cost you much to make
    the change.

    Is Infinity centralized?
    Not at all. The Infinity blockchain is completely decentralized, as are all of its core features.
    The development community is still small, and some applications that are being built on top of Infinity and other open source blockchain projects are
    being created by single individuals or small teams. For this reason, there are some bottlenecks in the decentralization model. On the whole, though, the
    Infinity community strongly embraces the principles of decentralization wherever possible.

    Is there a Infinity test network?
    Yes! This network is occasionally reset, when new features are being added for testing. Please create NEW accounts when using the testnet -- do NOT use the
    same account number that you use on the main network. It will save you some confusion, and is far more secure. To get tests token please send a request for tokens to the forum.

    How divisible is XIN?
    XIN token are divisible up to eight decimal (0.00000001 or 10^-8 in mathematical shorthand).

    Where can I get the source code?
    Full source code for the complete Infinity platform (node/wallet, all backends and the complete developer API) is available right after feature voting is completed and
    will be published on the Infinity Foundation website.

    What Is A Lite Wallet?
    Cryptocurrency software can either run a full node or a lightweight wallet. A full node (core) will download and maintain a complete copy of the blockchain,
    whereas a lightweight wallet will not need to do this. The lightweight client connects to a full node and sends the local signed transactions. The wallet
    password never leaves the users (local) computer and is held in a secured memory area by the browser (session storage).

    What is the Infinity SmartWallet?
    Ever wanted to access your crypto funds quickly but had to wait for hours while the blockchain downloads first? The Infinity SmartWallet connects to public
    Infinity nodes to retrieve up-to-date blockchain information. We provide all the cryptographic tools required to create addresses, sign and verify transactions
    for the Infinity blockchain. The SmartWallet reads all the data from the public nodes, creates the transaction directly in the browser, and simply broadcasts
    it in a finished state. Every transaction will be signed locally with JavaScript and transmitted to the node without revealing your wallet seed, private keys
    or any non-public data. The Infinity SmartWallet is a full featured web app and not server side running html pages.

    Can I make the Lite Client use my own node instead of the default one?
    Yes, you can connect the wallet to your local running node, your private VPS or in default mode AUTO. The default mode also randomize the nodes for sending
    or retrieving data. This ensure additional privacy and balances the load on the network.

    What about SSL?
    As mentioned above the SmartWallet signs all transactions locally and the Infinity SmartWallet is built to run on standard html/tcp protocol to provide a
    maximum on distributed services later. While Infinity nodes are able to talk SSL, most services won't and you can't mix https/http while running on dedicated
    https (mixed content). Since signed transactions can't be modified, for instance by man-in-the-middle attacks, since every transaction is secured by it's unique
    signature, any manipulated transactions would be declined by the Infinity network. Even if an injection during app download is very unlikely Infinity offers
    users with such additional security demand right after feature voting additional solutions by downloading the SmartWallet desktop version or to run a local full node
    (localhost) with or without SSL or to run your own private VPS with SSL enabled. You can redirect the SmartWallet to any desired additional secured node you like.
    Users with “extra†demands are able to build the SmartWallet from source, using the automated build-system (gulp/gradle/bower/npm), adding additional layers on demand.
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    Great information - what is link to test wallet


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      Great FAQs ! I like to have a 'Brain Wallet' !!!


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        This FAQ ist perfect. Thank`s to the support.


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          This is a job well done! I suggest to pin that post to the Top of the English section.


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            You shouldn't mix "password" and "passphrase" in the FAQ. We're always using passphrases which represents the secret key of the wallet.
            And - we're not logging in into any account with this passphrase. It's not sent to the server, it's the secret key, stored only on your local PC only, and it gives you the possibility to display the wallet, perform transactions, decrypt messages, vote etc. Thats a little complex from the understanding, I don't really know how to describe it right in english...


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              Thanks for the information David!! Keep it coming it is greatly appreciated


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                Thank you very much for your information. This will make many things clear.


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                  Thanks very much. We hear us


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                    Nice One thx for the info
                    Davidogden if you havent discovered it for yourselves yet is now updated so there's a testnet tap in the bottom of the page now including other options added later I think (my guess is as soon as the OSC is out there)