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What to do if ... "There are no Coins in my founder account!"

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  • What to do if ... "There are no Coins in my founder account!"

    This should help you in the case of an "empty founder wallet"
    A similar problem was already solved here!
    You have to check out the following steps:
    1. Type your XIN-Number here
      If you see no balance at all: you made a mistake while claiming your account and the money is ultimately lost
      If you see positive balance: get yourself a drink and read dilligently the solved topic above or go to the next step
    2. Type your passphrase here
      Please remember to write all words with small letters, make a space between every word and make no space after the last word
      If you get into a wallet with no balance: you made a mistake while writing down your passphrase* - please continue with the next step
      If you see positive balance: get yourself another drink**
    3. Make a grammar check of all the words, which you have written on your piece of paper. Use an English dictionary. Optionally you may ask a trustworthy person (who is extremely good in English) to do it for you. Please be aware, that such a person could be a potential threat for your account security in the future. Choose the right person dilligently.

    Grammar check of the English words can be done here: Online dictionary Leo

    * A second possibility could be that your Coins already have been stolen: to check this, type your correct XIN-Number in the block explorer to see all incoming and outgoing transactions
    ** Don't drink and drive! Please drink responsibly!
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