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INFINITY - community rules of the forum

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  • INFINITY - community rules of the forum

    Common rules

    In our forum only topics about INFINITY are being discussed. To keep the forum a meaningful and comfortable place there is the need for some rules. We kindly ask you to comply with them.

    1. Respect is everything
    Treat other users and people mentioned in comments with respect, consideration and keep your heart away from hostility. Take care not to debase or to ridicule someone. Name-calling, threats, insults and reputational damage or commercial damage will not be tolerated.

    2. Quick to seek & slow to wonder
    Please make use of the search function before you start a new topic.

    3. Choose the right subject
    For a better overview all the threads are categorized under various subjects: please be attentive to choose the right one. If your desired topic is not existing, you may create a new thread.

    4. Alien advertising / links
    Advertisements and any contents with such character or intent are forbidden and will be deleted.

    Posting of links is allowed in the case of informations regarding INFINITY only. Links leading to any malware sites or similar are strictly forbidden on behalf of the user community. The moderators and admins have the right to check any links and to remove them without stating the reason. Likewise posting of any advertisement links is forbidden (self advertisement, social media etc.)

    5. Content of topics
    If a comment seems to be insulting, damaging, etc. you can report it via the button "flag" to us. The admins or moderators will decide in absolute discretion how to proceed about it.

    6. Order of the forum
    1. The forum is subdivided in subjects!
    2. The team will move all topics, that miss the point!
    3. Threads and topics will be deleted, if the content transgresses our rules!
    4. FAQ's (currently in development) will be published exclusively through the team!

    7. Procedure in the case of transgressing our rules
    Transgressors against our rules will be warned by the moderators or administrators. The first warning will imply a hint leading to our rules. Should trangsgressions follow, then we will issue a final warning or block the account with a suitable reason!