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1. Infinity Economics blockchain conferenc in Zurich

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    Originally posted by SwissAndrew View Post
    ".............Nothing is reinvested into the project like in a serious ICO. With that amount of money the project could now really be in the top ranks, if it would have been spent on marketing and developing, things could have moved fast."
    this question must be addressed - I will try to find an answer

    good intention, a little late maybe, this question is not new, it´s several month old

    ".............known scamsters like Marvin bank, Waldemar and Norbert."
    do you mean the Norbert who mc`s the Infinity events, like Zürich ?
    yes , google MAXXconcept and Maxxconcept Schweiz


    • SwissAndrew
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      what does that prove? so his company went bust, my company went under, too

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    Its stupid to talk about that anymore. Behind IE is not Norbert or Waldemar. For me i was upset to see the MLM guys on stage again. Whatever its simple:

    You cant read a code, you dont see the invention in the core already existing. Its all about scalability and how easy it is to decentralize IE even more.....BitBay make no jokes and it seems they can read a code.....


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      But Waldemar still works with i.e. And he's very active at WGC. In Turkey his dark team leader named cigdem karaca still using pyramid scheme system for Wgc which is second project of i.e. So basically i.e. Still using mlm system for second project. Bitbay will never list us. Impossible.


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        Waldemar is famous with scammed Turkish people with his previous project. Turkish biggest newspaper reported that project. And we still see Waldemar and his dark partner cigdem karaca at top of i.e. In turkey.


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          So why we did see Marcin Cebula CCO at BitBay Pay talking live on stage how deeply they believe in the technology of infinity economics?

          We will see when bitbay 3.0 is launched. So quit soon, right?


          • 369
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            Who the fuck cares about waldemar?? Its all about the technology (in this case the technology meets an wonderful vision). We soon will know whats up with bitbay! They clearly have big ambitions and only lisitng proofed coins!

          • Mr. Limitless
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          can someone write the main points of the conference?
          for example:
          1.someday XIN will be on Bitbay
          were saying something important?


          • update2go
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            Update will coming soon

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          1) Hisseler hala piyasada yok
          2) Aktif olmayan butonlar hala aktif değil
          3) Büyük borsalara hala girecek
          4) C-cex dendi aylar geçti bir haber yok
          5) Şimdi Bitbay deniyor bir hafta oldu ondandan da haber yok. Biraz sabredelim değil mi