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Infinity Economics has huge potential UTILITYVALUE!

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  • Infinity Economics has huge potential UTILITYVALUE!

    Dear Community.

    Shalimar Cryptomankind

    A couple of days ago, the internetmedia "Cointelegraph", which is one of the larger cryptocurrency news-sites published an article about Ethereum.
    The focus of the article was the technical limitations that prevented Ethereum from further adoption and thus from an increase in demand and price.

    You can read the article here:

    Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a multipurpose blockchain platform, and should be viewed as this.
    Infinity Economics is ALSO a multipurpose blockchain platform, and a comparison of those 2 platforms is highly relevant. (take a look at the attached picture if you like)

    XIN is the "fuel" for performing transaction on the Infinity Economics platform, in the same way as Ethereum is the "fuel" for the Ethereum Network.
    As we all know the price of any asset is based on several factors, but the most profound of those is of course demand and the utility value of the underlying technology (being the blockchain platform in this case)

    The main obstacles for Ethereum to gain higher utiliity value, and therefore greater demand, as described in the article is:

    1). Transactions pr. second (also known as scalability)
    2). Availability of the fuel (ether)
    3). Privacy
    4). Enterprise companies are creating private sidechains (that dont use Ether as fuel)
    5). Consensus Algo needs to be PoS (Proof of Stake)

    When we look at the comparison between Ethereum and IE on a more technical level, we will come to the conclusion that IE has huge potential UTILITYVALUE, simply because IE does not have the limitations that Ethereum have as described in the article. Is that simple.

    IE has unlimited tx capability when fully functional (scalability)
    IE has high level privacy when "shuffling" is activated as a native feature in the SmartWallet' (privacy)
    Any transaction on the IE platform will require XIN to drive demand (no special deals for anyone)
    IE is already using PoS as an consensus algo.
    You can run an ICO on IE when "crowfunding" is active as a native feature in the SmartWallet.

    In other words, our IE multipurpose blockchain platform, have all the needed attributes to have huge UTILITYVALUE and thus a much higher probability to obtain mainstream adoption and thus a greater demand for XIN.

    Feel free to contribute to the discussion below, and have a nice day!

    vihangs can you translate this into German and post in the German forum?

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    The Dark Knight you are the best ! We need more info like this , 99% Community Partners don't understand still WHAT we have in the Hands and how hard works ours Developer !!!


    • NarNanda
      NarNanda commented
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      It is too much technical to me, simply I understand XIN is fuel for our next move, that we have some. Great motivation DarkNight.

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    Would be better you make the comparison between XIN and Antshares/NEO which is the new ethereum. I also not see the use of smart contracts compiled with C++ or Java to process like Antshares is offering.


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      Thx The Dark Knight for contributing again in such a positiv and neutral manner. It should be clear for all the crypto newbies (like me) to do our homework and learn morre about our investment! After i did it, its obviously that we will have the most modern blockchain only with the implement core features in IE (at least and more obviously with another one or two extensions on top). The usability of IE compared to other cryptos such as ETH is for me already second to none.

      So i hope and i guess that most of the community just waiting for the activation of the core features, along with the website and listing! Iam ready to move ;-)

      Still i like to have some new informations on planned PR campaigns and the humanitarian projects Cryptomankind mentioned in may! :-)


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        The Dark Knight can u please explain the differences in your attached picture relating to smart contracts. Assembla vs. Soliditiy. Thanks


        • Rost
          Rost commented
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          99% sure it should say Assembler.
          Okay, so; Assembler is what is known as a Low level language. This means it is almost direct instruction to the hardware (there is still a few abstraction layers like binary, but dont worry). This means from a development stand point that you can create really precise and effective software programs. With that being said *no one* uses assembler anymore. Assembler is like an abstraction layer or if you need to program a primitive part in an embedded system (like a smart, but not that smart, coffee machine). it takes hours to program simple tasks and it is tedious to do (i have heard from friends, never done any Assembler programming myself). This is why we have higher level languages such as Java (Android etc) Objective C (iOS/mac) and Solidity. Solidity is custom turing complete language created solely for the purpose of developing smart contracts. This is a good move! This make sure that the contracts are easy to make, easy to understand and easy to execute = fewer errors.
          There will be no developing in Assembler unless the foundations development team is planning to use assembler to create a higher level langue (like solidity).
          Anyone, please correct me if any of it is wrong, but this is my take
          Does it make sense 369?


        • Klecks
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          I think you are right. I also think our developers using parts of Assembler only to make their program more efficient (like C++, which can direct work with Assembler)

          Have a nice day

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        369 I am not a developer, so i cant give a technical explanation, but it is the "language" that the Smartcontracts is programmed in.


        • 369
          369 commented
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          Okay. Thanks...

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        The Dark Knight have i told you that i love you my frind?? if not! i love you men ..thank you



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          MAF2015 Thanks friend. We aim to please.


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            The Dark Knight
            Translation is online, just without the picture. Maybe you can add it, I´m currently very busy with other things.
            Any news from Rost ?
            Nice day to you.


            • Rost
              Rost commented
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              That's why i was so vague, no blogpost yet, we are not far enough

            • vihangs
              vihangs commented
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              Rost great to hear from you again. I´m looking forward to hear more about Baldr Pay. As far as I can see Assembler wouldn´t make much sense for smart contracts. In the picture in the German section it´s changed to "Assmbla" and that´s very different than "Assembler". The Dark Knight can you say where the info is coming from and do you know why the pictures are different? But since I´m not a dev I can´t say if "Assembla" is a tool that could be used for smart contracts.
              Maybe somebody knows more about that subject?
              Good times to you guys! :-)
              Last edited by vihangs; 10-08-2017, 09:46.

            • Rost
              Rost commented
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              I think you are right. Assembla is not for smart contracts. It might be the name the foundation has given the language to write smart contracts (like Solidity on ethereum). Before the whitepaper we won't know much. :-)

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            vihangs Thank you very much friend. I have now added the picture. Rost are waiting for the whitepaper and as soon as it it there he will make a blogpost with a in deep review on his findings.


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              Thank you for the update!! @thedarkknight


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                Thanks for your post The Dark Knight ! I an wondering, is there anybody from the community focusing on promoting the power of IE Blockchain? If not, I think we should build a group/ slack with focus on promoting it for personal use as well as business and institutional level.


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                  speedy I focus on that every single day. I need the whitepaper before i can take some serious steps though.


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                    Thanks Rost for trying to explain me the technical side. Im not really sure if i understand it right. So i will explain in my words: Assambler is difficult to program but also if done right a extrem precise and effective ground/layer. Its done by the developer from infinity. To program AT(Smart contracts) easier, its possible to build a higher language (such as Solidity/Ethereum) on top of the Assembler layer to reach a common new (higher) language, which is easier to make, easy to understand and easy to execute for all the new developers who will creating DAPPs for example runned by smart contracts?!
                    So we know right now, that we will have a own higher language (like Solidity for ETH) based on Assembler??

                    Dont know if i get it :-D too much new stuff for an untechnical mind ;-) But yeah Thanks again!


                    • Rost
                      Rost commented
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                      More or less correct with the technical part.
                      We don't know if the developers plan to build higher level language on Assembler. It is just my assumption. I wouldn't want to create smart contracts using Assembler. Few people would..